Pine Tree Close-up

Company Profile - April 2004


Within optimum environement current desktop and laptop computers are used with industry standard commercial and engineering software.

Drawings are produced by industry standard Computer Aided Draughting (CAD).
A0 drawing boards are available for the rare occasions when work requires 'manual' draughting.

An Elcomponent SP Max Data Logger is used mainly for monitoring balanced or unbalanced 3-phase electricity consumption but can monitor any compatible pulse head device*** with this unit, for example a pulse head*** on a water meter or gas meter.

An Iso-Tech Lux-1335 Digital Light Meter is used to measure and record light levels.

A Fuji FinePix F601, 6-Million Pixel Digital Camera is used for photographs and photographic records.

Also an Aiptek PenCam digital camera is used for some general / reference / survey snapshots.

*** A pulse head can view and recognise analogue (dial) or digital meter displays. It can be fitted with the meter or added later. The pulse head emits an electrical pulse for each increment of energy or water consumption. The resulting series of electrical pulses can then be logged by data logger or can be transmitted via a telemetry system to remote equipment.

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