Blue Sky and One White Cloud

Company Profile - April 2004

Basis of Appointment

At the request of our client, we will typically take a preliminary view of one or more buildings in order to present a written proposal identifying the scope of work, relevant terms and conditions of engagement and the professional fee.

Any appointment is then founded on acceptance of the written proposal.

Fees may be time charge (hourly rate) with or without pre-agreed ceiling, or lump sum based on past commissions for similar work, or a combination of these.

Disbursements are agreed at the time of appointment.

Any preferential rates such as 5% or 10% discount for payment strictly within 7 days are agreed at the time of appointment.

Unless stated otherwise at the time of appointment, payment terms are strictly 30 days.

Any invoiced sum outstanding beyond 30 days is subject to one-off Credit Control Fee of £40, plus interest at base rate + 8%, where the base rate is the prevailing rate determined by the Bank of England.

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